Founded in 2014, Patel Public Affairs (PatelPA) is built on nearly 15 years of nonprofit and Federal government public affairs expertise.  We are an issues driven company. The bottom line: what matters to our clients matters to us.


As a micro-firm with years of public affairs know-how, PatelPA brings you the knowledge and strategic approach of a giant public relations firm with the professional intimacy only a small business can provide.


Prachi Patel founded PatelPA on the basic principle that communications success is a result of honest human-to-human interaction.


She started her career at a Boston-based public relations firm with an industry focus on science and healthcare. After moving to the company’s Washington, D.C. office, Prachi realized that billing clients in 15-minute increments was just plain silly. She joined a small communications shop within one of the largest nonprofit medical associations in the country where she conducted internal communications and media relations around blockbuster drugs and innovative medical techniques. For the better part of the latter decade, Prachi worked in the federal government – focusing on public health public affairs, both domestic and international. Prachi’s public affairs mind has worked a range of issues including: complementary health therapies, HIV/AIDS in the context of international development, chronic pain and opioid dependence, the Ebola virus disease, urologic conditions, immunization awareness, Veteran's health (post-deployment and deployment-related exposures).


Today, her client support focuses on precision medicine and the need for more diverse representation in biomedical research and the nascent field of translational science research. From strategic communications counseling and campaign development to designing and overseeing the execution of high-impact events, Prachi brings a full-service public affairs approach to even the most specialized industry.


And while Prachi was building a formidable knowledge base for all things public relations, she took a year “off” to backpack across the world. From the streets of Sarajevo and the fields of Phnom Penh, to the markets of Marrakesh and backwaters of Kerala, she journeyed with one goal – to connect with people. Well, and also to eat! Because how best get to the heart of a culture than through its food? Prachi is committed to forging human connections and appreciating cultural diversity. This commitment is also what makes PatelPA an issues driven, service-oriented firm that will connect with you on a personal level and work with you on a global one.


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